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The Convergence Books

A Young Adult Fantasy Book Series by Katherine E. Lewis & Rebecca Lewis. It follows Mera Kellen, a sixteen-year-old girl who discovers she is an Elemental- a being that can derive the ability to manipulate energy from the four elements. Because being a teenager isn't complicated enough. Sent to live with her grandmother, Ida Kellen, in the isolated village of Convergence, Maine after her mom goes missing, Mera is thrust into the mysterious world of Elementals and experiences its dangers firsthand. Like monsters that stalk Elementals and feed on their energy. A turbulent community plagued by fear, prejudices, and outdated traditions. And maybe worst of all, a high school full of hormonal, energy-manipulating teenagers.

Being a Kellen only makes life harder for Mera in Convergence, as her great-aunt, Darcy Kellen- an ultra-powerful and rare fifth kind of Elemental called an Aether- went on a killing spree in the village decades ago. But hey, what family doesn't have a power-hungry sociopath, right?

When Mera learns she, too, is an Aether, she fears her power will destroy those she loves. With the help of her grandmother and newly made friends, Mera must discover who she is, what she stands for, and where she truly belongs.

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Book One Book Cover

Convergence- Book One: Incarnation

In order to find her mother after she mysteriously vanishes, sixteen-year-old Mera Kellen seeks to discover the mystical and dangerous truth about her ancestry, including who and what she really is. Start the series from the beginning with Incarnation, now available.

Book Two Artwork

Convergence- Book Two: Ascension

Coming in 2023...